Payroll Funding Solutions just for Staffing Companies

Together, we will make it Easy…Clear…Helpful…Transparent… Valuable

We’re with you every step of the way…

As a neutral party, we are not committed to any one bank/lender. We want to work with you to find the Funding Program that best fits the needs of your Staffing Company. We will even help you ask the right questions!

We’ll review your current contract

If you are already locked in to your contract, we can still help! We will review your contract to help you better understand what type of program you have. Once this is done, we can plan your next move.

Find a program that’s right for you!

  • Fund up to 95% of your invoices instantly
  • Contracts ranging from 1-5 years
  • Work with a bank or a funding company
  • Lowest rates in the Staffing industry
  • No hidden fees or fine-print nickel and diming
  • Assistance with the collection process

Who can I borrow from?

There are two types of organizations that will loan money to a Staffing Company for payroll. You have Banks, and you have Funding Companies.

What’s the difference?

When you fund payroll through a bank, you are working directly with the lender.

When you fund payroll with a Funding Company, they will borrow from a bank, add their markup and give you that same bank money you could have at a cheaper rate.

Do you know your true Funding Cost?

I wanted to take a minute to address something that’s bothering me. Nobody knows the true value of a dollar more than a business owner, right? Then why are we still not asking the right questions before signing a contract?

In the past two weeks alone, I spoke to owners from three different staffing companies that use a Funding company to help with their payroll costs. Sad to say, none of them could tell me what they were paying without referring back to their contract